Child Custody Attorneys in Medford, Oregon

21618005_sChild custody and parenting time (sometimes called visitation) can become highly contested and emotional matters in a divorce. The attorneys at Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP can provide professional representation to parents who seek to ensure that the best interests of their children are protected.

When making an initial custody and parenting time determination the courts will consider many factors while determining the child’s best interests including:

(1) The emotional ties between the child and other family members;
(2) The interests of the parties in and attitude toward the child;
(3) The desirability of continuing an existing relationship;
(4) The abuse of one parent by the other;
(5) The child’s preference for the primary caregiver of the child, if the caregiver is deemed fit by the court; and
(6) Each parent’s willingness and ability to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing relationship between the other parent and the child.

Modifying Custody and Parenting Time:
If you are considering modifying custody or parenting time the courts will first need to determine if there has been an unanticipated and substantial change in circumstances since the original decree. If there has not been a substantial change in circumstances then you may remain subject to the original custody order. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances then you may be able to modify your custody judgment. The court will generally look to the child’s best interests when determining whether to modify a parenting time order, whether or not any changes are deemed “substantial.” A divorce lawyer can help you present your case in a way that increases your chances of meeting the various legal standards and help ensure a fair result given the new circumstances in which you and your child or children find yourselves.