Child Support Attorneys in Medford, Oregon

5774322_sThe State of Oregon has established child support guidelines that, generally, set the amount of child support a parent must pay. In certain circumstances, however, it is possible to request a change to the statutory formula. The attorneys at Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP can help you make sure that your child support award fairly considers all the relevant legal factors.

Modification of Child Support:
Oregon law allows a party to reevaluate and possibly a modify their child support award if it has been thirty-five months since the date the last order was entered or reviewed or if either party can show proof that there has had a significant change in their economic circumstances. The modification process can be confusing and experienced legal representation can help you understand if you meet the criteria for a modification and, if you do, ensure that the child support award is appropriately changed.

Modification of Child Support, Spousal Support, and Custody:
If a judgment has already been entered in your case it is possible to have that judgment reviewed and, if appropriate, revised by the court. The lawyers at Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP can help you evaluate your chances at obtaining a modification and help you obtain a fair result in court.

Often a material change in circumstance requires the modification of your divorce or custody judgment. Material changes in circumstance can include:

• Loss of employment or other reduction in income
• Military service abroad by either parent
• Alcohol or drug abuse
• Allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect
• One parent plans to move out of state and wishes to revise the custody and visitation schedule