Medford Prenuptial “Prenup” Attorneys

prenuptial attorney medfordThe attorneys at Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP are experienced family law attorneys who can advise clients who are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement, draft prenuptial agreements, and, if necessary, enforce them in court.

Often people want prenuptial agreements if they own a business, own property with family members or other partners, are expecting to receive a substantial inheritance, desire to preserve their assets for their children from a prior relationship, or they want to set a spousal support amount in the event a marriage is dissolved. It can help ensure that your prenuptial agreement is enforceable if you follow certain rules when the agreement is drafted.

One of the most important factors a court will look at is whether or not each party had the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice and was represented by their own attorney before signing the prenuptial agreement.

Another important factor is that the agreement is made well in advance of the marriage date.

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