Spousal Support Attorneys in Medford, Oregon

5354336_sSpousal support (what used to be called alimony) can be an important part of any divorce. Spousal support awards can vary widely depending on the facts of your case. Experienced legal representation can help ensure that a spousal support award takes into account your unique personal circumstances. The attorneys at Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP can help you understand the likely support award a court might make, negotiate a fair resolution to your case, or, if necessary, aggressively advocate for you in court. Spousal support can significantly impact your long-term economic situation and professional advice can help you ensure that you have obtained a fair result.

In Oregon, spousal support is divided into three general categories:

1. Transitional Spousal Support: This type of spousal support award is designed to enable one party financial support while they get back to work and become economically self-sufficient.

2. Compensatory Spousal Support: This type of spousal support is based upon the contributions of one spouse toward the higher education and likely enhanced earning capacity of the other.

3. Spousal maintenance support: This type of spousal support is awarded when there has been a marriage with a wide disparity of earning capacity and the need for an ongoing supplement to one spouse from the other.

It is important to remember that the court can award any combination of these types of support and that different statutory provisions and case law apply to each type. The lawyers at Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP can help ensure that you obtain a fair result in your divorce.