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7741351_sDivorce can be a confusing time and experienced legal representation can help clients understand the long-term impacts of decisions they make during their divorce. The attorneys at Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP have the experience necessary to balance aggressive representation with a common sense perspective of each client’s personal situation and legal needs. Davis & Pedrojetti, LLP can assist you in the negotiation and, if necessary, litigation of all issues in your divorce including:

• Custody
• Parenting Time
• Child Support
• Spousal Support
• Division of Property and Debt

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Our attorneys can help you understand the likely outcomes in your case and negotiate a fair settlement. In those cases where parties cannot resolve their differences we will aggressively litigate all disputed issues in your case. Our attorneys have considerable trial experience and we are accustomed to strongly advocating for our clients in court.

Our goal is to provide you with certainty that you have achieved a favorable outcome based on the facts and law applicable to your case.

A divorce can be a difficult and complicated time. Let Davis & Pedrojetti Law help you.

It’s important to understand that divorce laws vary considerably from state to state. Sometimes expected results may vary from county to county or even from judge to judge. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you understand these differences and advocate for a just and equitable outcome in your divorce. A qualified divorce lawyer understands the ongoing evolution of divorce law, and can guide you through the course of action that will best serve your interests while you are going through the difficult process of a divorce.5354336_s

Contested Divorce
The court will have little insight into the needs and abilities of each member of the family, so the rulings the court hands down may not consider or reflect the preferences of the children or the parents. This can become difficult as these rulings are required and enforced, they are difficult to alter or change, and they may cause undue hardship, either emotionally or financially to all parties involved. In a case like this, it is important to have an attorney who will work closely with you to help resolve your issues in a favorable way. While it is important to avoid unnecessary complications, it is also important not to place either spouse at a disadvantage after the divorce is over.

Uncontested Divorce
If most of the issues between you and your spouse are uncontested then our attorneys can help you quickly and inexpensively secure your divorce and, at the same time, help to ensure that the legal documents filed in your case accurately reflect your intended agreement. In most uncontested divorces we are able to provide you with experienced legal representation for a flat-rate charge.

Southern Oregon Attorney Joseph Davis

attorney joe davis Joe’s practice is focused on divorce and family law with a strong business background. Joe’s background allows him to assist clients that need to value and divide family businesses, medical practices, and other business interests. Joe also provides advice to businesses and individuals on a variety of issues including real estate transactions, the purchase and sale of businesses and professional practices, and the purchase, sale and leasing of real estate.

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Southern Oregon Attorney Jimmy Pedrojetti

attorney james pedrojettiJames (Jimmy) Joseph Pedrojetti grew up in the Rogue Valley, he graduated from Ashland High School. Thereafter, Jimmy graduated from Southern Oregon State College with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. He then went on to complete his Juris Doctorate from Roger Williams School of Law in Rhode Island. He specializes in all aspects of Family Law including; Divorce, Custody & Support issues in Southern Oregon.

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