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The Oregon law provides that parents need to financially support their children. In some circumstances, parents must also support college age adults under 21 if they do meet certain requirements. Child support issues can come up in divorce cases, custody cases, paternity cases and modifications of preexisting support orders.

The appropriate level of support is determined using the Oregon Child Support Guidelines which factors include the income of both parents, the number of overnights a parent has with the child, medical insurance costs and child care costs.

Either party may request a review of their child support order to see if the monthly support is appropriate if it has been over 35 months since the date of the last support order. For support orders less than three years old, a substantial change of circumstances will need to be shown by the party seeking a modification before a modification review can be made. Examples of substantial change are a change in the physical custody of a subject child or a disabling injury to a parent with involuntary loss of income.

Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

Courts take child support very seriously and will take steps to ensure that each parent equitably and appropriately supports their children after a divorce. In Oregon, the courts generally utilize the Oregon Child Support Guidelines to determine child support. This requires an accurate determination of each party’s income and, potentially, their earning capacity. There are exceptions, called rebuttals, to the Child Support Guidelines and an experienced family law attorney can help ensure that your child support award is appropriate given the totality of your economic circumstances.

Whether you are seeking a support order against the other parent, protecting yourself against an unreasonable support order, or seeking enforcement of an existing support order, Mr. Davis can help you ensure the situation is represented accurately to the court and help you protect the rights and interests of your children and you.

Modification of Child Support

Oregon law allows a party to reevaluate and possibly a modify their child support award if it has been thirty-five months since the date the last order was entered or reviewed or if either party can show proof that there has had a significant change in their economic circumstances. The modification process can be confusing and experienced legal representation can help you understand if you meet the criteria for a modification and, if you do, ensure that the child support award is appropriately changed.

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